English It So Happened: NCERT Books Class 8 – PDF Download

Download English Class 8 NCERT Books in PDF. CBSE has prescribed English It So Happened NCERT book for Class 8. All schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education follow the same Class 8 English It So Happened NCERT book. Getting high score in VIII English Exams is possible when student reads, understand and learn all concepts from NCERT book for Class 8 English.

NCERT Books For Class 8 English It So Happened – PDF Download


  1. How the Camel got his hump
  2. Children at work
  3. The Selfish Giant
  4. The treasure within 
  5. Princess September 
  6. The fight
  7. The open window 
  8. Jalebis 
  9. The comet 1
  10. The comet 2


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