CBSE Circular 2014

CBSE Circular 2014

CBSE Circular 2014

Circular NoMonthSubject
Acad-01/2014JanuaryNew Year Greetings 2014!      Hindi   |   English
Acad-02/2014FebruaryConduct of Summative Assessment-II for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2013-2014)
Acad-03/2014JanuaryNational ICT awards for school teachers
Acad-04/2014JanuaryOpen Text-based Assessment in the Annual Examination of Class XI, March, 2014  |   Notification
Acad-05/2014FebruaryModification in the design of Performance Profile to be issued to class IX in the year 2014-regarding
Hindi  |   English
Acad-06/2014FebruaryLeadership Forum for School Leaders- “Reflecting on School based Assessments” at Delhi on 15th February, 2014   |   Registration Form
Acad-07/2014FebruaryIntroduction of ‘Library and Information Science’ (079) as a new elective for classes XI-XII from session 2014-15
Acad-08/2014MarchRevised guidelines for Practical Examination in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Visually Impaired Students of classes XI and XII   |   Annexure
Acad-09/2014MarchMuseum functioning within Parliament Complex precints – reg.
Hindi  |   English
Acad-10/2014MarchFeedback on introduction of Open Text-based Assessment in Schools.

Online Feedback Form

Acad-11/2014MarchVerification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term II of the Academic Session 2013-2014
Hindi  |   English
Acad-12/2014MayClarification regarding the syllabus of Social Science (History) Class X- 2014-15.

Hindi  |   English

Acad-13/2014MayWorld No Tobacco Day 2014
Acad-14/2014MaySensitization for tackling Tobacco Epidemic -regarding
Acad-15/2014JuneWorld Environment Day 2014

Hindi  |   English

Acad-16/2014JuneCBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2014 [CCCC 2014]

Hindi  |   English

Acad-17/2014JuneHighlights of Curriculum Document 2014-15 for the examination to be held in March, 2015

Hindi  |   English

Acad-18/2014JuneEntrepreneurship-(066) Class XII (Revised w.e.f. 2014-15).   Hindi  |   English

Entrepreneurship Class XII Textbook

Acad-19/2014JuneCelebration of Sanskrit Week in the schools affiliated to CBSE
Acad-20/2014JulyAssessment of Speaking and Listening Skills [Academic Session 2014-2015]  Hindi  |   English
Acad-21/2014JulyUpdate regarding textbook in Kannada and Telugu Class X-2014-15   Hindi   |  English  |   Annexure
Acad-22/2014JulyJapan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Programme (JENESYS) during 2014   Hindi  |   English
Acad-23/2014JulyThe CBSE Heritage Education Programme [CHEP]

Hindi   |   English  |   Feedback Form

Annexure A – The CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2014 : Registration Form

Acad-24/2014AugustCBSE Writing Series

Hindi  |   English  |   Rubric for Assessment
Like Best Essay on

Results:   Day 1 |  Day 2 |  Day 3 |  Day 4 |  Day 5 |  Day 6 |  Day 7 Notification |  Six plus eight final winners

CBSE Writing Series : Musings on Sri. Pingali Venkayya  |   Highlights

Acad-25/2014AugustOrganisation of CBSE Science Exhibition – 2014 – 15    Hindi  |   English

Online Registration

Acad-26/2014August3rd International Life Skills, Values, Gender, School Health and Well-being Summit – Dec 2014

Hindi  |   English

Registration Form
Guidelines for Key Events at the Regional Summit Centers
Frequently Asked Questions
Program Outline for Regional Summits   |   Poster
Itinerary Matrix of the Regional Summits, September to November 2014


Acad-27/2014AugustConduct of Summative Assessment-I for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2014-2015).
Acad-28/2014AugustConduct of Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for classes IX and XI for the academic session 2014-15

Hindi  |   English


Acad-29/2014SeptemberCBSE to offer I.C.T. teacher training (free) in collaboration with Oracle Academy
Acad-30/2014September21st and 22nd National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes 2014 to be held from 31st October, 2014 to 2nd November, 2014 at Kochi and 16th to 18th December, 2014 at Raipur (Chattisgarh)


Acad-31/2014SeptemberXth Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2014
Acad-32/2014SeptemberCBSE Expression Series  |   Notification: Offline Registration  |   Poster  |   Topic  |  Notification: Extension of Date  |   Result  |   Best Entries


Acad-33/2014SeptemberLive telecast of the Mars Orbit Insertion or Mars Capture Manoeuvre of the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission
Acad-34/2014SeptemberSwachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign – reg.   Hindi  |   English

Annexure 1  |   Audio Link


Acad-35/2014SeptemberSwachh Bharat – Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign-Expression Series on Mahatma Gandhi and Sanitation from October 2nd to October 15th, 2014   |   Brochure:  Hindi  |   English  |   Expression Series Portal

NOTIFICATION  |   For Schools: Online Sanitation Rating

Acad-36/2014OctoberVerification of Evidence of Assessments (EAs) of Class IX/X students for Term I of the Academic Session 2014-2015


Acad-37/2014OctoberConduct of CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad, 2014   |   Brochure  |   Admit Card Format
Acad-38/2014OctoberCelebrating the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on 31st October, 2014 as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day)   :   Hindi   |   English   |  Annexure A   |   Poster


Acad-39/2014OctoberObserving Vigilance Awareness Week, 2014 in schools
Acad-40/2014OctoberGuidelines for Standard Safety Measures for the organization of Study Tours   |  Hindi   |   English


Acad-41/2014OctoberCelebration of National Education Day- 2014.  |   Online Link
Acad-42/2014NovemberCBSE Expression Series on ‘Young Scientific Minds of India’ to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. C.V. Raman on 7th November 2014 Hindi   |   English   |   Result


Acad-43/2014NovemberIntroduction of Self-Review Tool –‘Saransh’ for Schools |  Hindi
Acad-44/2014NovemberCBSE Expression Series on ‘Bal Swachhata Mission’ 14th to 19th November 2014

Results:    Day-1  |  Day-2  |  Day-3  |  Day-4  |  Day-5  |


Acad-45/2014NovemberAvailability of text material for Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA) for classes IX & XI, 2015

Annexures:    1. Open Text Material for Class IX, 2015    English Theme 1 & 2 | Hindi Theme 1 & 2 |  Mathmatics Theme 1 & 2- English |  Science Theme 1 & 2- English |  Social Science Theme 1 & 2- English |

Mathmatics Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |  Science Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |  Social Science Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |

Annexures:    2. Open Text Material for Class XI, 2015    Biology Theme 1 & 2- English |  Economics Theme 1 & 2- English |  Geography Theme 1 & 2- English |

Biology Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |  Economics Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |  Geography Theme 1 & 2- Hindi |

Acad-46/2014DecemberCBSE Expression Series on ‘Subramania Bharati: The Poet Patriot’  |   Hindi 

Topics for Poems  |   Result  |  

Acad-47/2014DecemberCelebration of GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) Week in the schools affiliated to CBSE  |   Hindi


Acad-48/2014DecemberCBSE Expression Series on ‘Good Governance’

Topics  |   Result

Acad-49/2014DecemberCBSE Expression Series on ‘Education for Future Development’

Topics  |   Result


Acad-50/2014DecemberAvailability of class-wise learning indicators on CBSE Academic website 
Acad-51/2014DecemberExtension of date of CBSE Expression Series on ‘Good Governance’  |   Press Note


Notifications- 2014

Notification NoMonthSubject
1JanuaryPledge for an Abuse Free World for Children

Hindi  |   English

2JanuaryPostponing and re-scheduling the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics – INOI
3JanuaryConduct of Summative Assessment-II for Classes IX and X (Academic Session 2013-2014).
4JanuaryChange in dates for conduct of optional Proficiency Test for class-X for academic Session -2013-14
5FebruaryNew Delhi World Book Fair 2014
6FebruaryCBSE Science Exhibition 2014 – Extension of registration date.
7FebruaryGuidelines For Awarding Grades In English Classes IX And X [2013-2014]
9February13th All India Heritage Quiz
10FebruaryENGLISH MATTERS (Vol.1 No.1: 2014), the biannual journal published by CBSE   ||   Guideline for authors
11FebruaryNovels Prescribed For Extended Reading [Classes IX to XII]
12FebruaryNotification: Regarding OTBA Question Paper & Marking Scheme
13MarchCBSE-CAER International Conference 2014
14MarchNominations for the ‘National Award for Child Welfare 2013-14’
15MarchKTPI – Introduction of new subjects in Class XI
Hindi  |   English
16MarchFurther change in dates for Conduct of class X Optional Proficiency Test for academic session 2013-14.
Hindi  |   English
17MarchCBSE Earth Hour 2014
18MarchThree year Graded Value Education – The Awakened Citizen Programme
Hindi  |   English
19MarchRegional Institutes of Education, NCERT – Common Entrance Examination [CEE] 2014

Hindi  |   English

20AprilWorld Autism Awareness Day 2014
21AprilAgencies Identified/empanelled by the Board to impart Online and Offline Learning Management System for CCE
22AprilInviting articles for CENBOSEC (Vol. 53 No. 2: April-June 2014)
LetterAprilRecognition by UGC for various new academic subjects at Senior Secondary level
23MayPercentage of marks required to qualify the Summative Assessments in Class IX session 2013-2014.

Hindi  |   English

24MayCBSE-TERI ‘GREEN Olympiad’ – 2014

Hindi  |   English  |   Registration Form

25JuneCBSE-Shoobh Photography Contest 2014.   |   Annexure – I
26JuneCBSE – ASL Examiners Training Screening Test
27JulyInternational Conference of School Principals, 2014   Hindi  |   English
28JulyJapan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Programme (JENESYS) 2014   Hindi  |   English
29AugustCBSE-KATHA – Creative Writing Search for Excellence
30August21st and 22nd National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes – 2014    Hindi  |   English
31AugustRegistration of resource persons    Hindi  |   English
32AugustNational Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2013 – 14    Hindi  |   English

List of Selected schools at Regional Level  |   Result

33AugustChange of Title – Functional English (Revised) (Code: 101) – Class – XII
34SeptemberChange in dates and the host Sahodaya for the 21st National Annual Sahodaya Conference at Kochi
35SeptemberSelection of Cadre of CBSE Certified Peer Assessors for School Quality Assessment and Accreditation
36SeptemberInviting articles for CENBOSEC (Vol. 53 No. 3: July-Sept. 2014)  |   Annexure-A
37OctoberRef. Heritage India Quiz-2014
38OctoberCBSE Science Exhibition 2014 – 15
39NovemberExtension of last date for submitting forms for CBSE Celebration of National Education Day-2014
40NovemberInviting articles for CENBOSEC (Vol. 53 No. 4: Oct-Dec. 2014)   |   Annexure A
41NovemberGuidelines for Conducting ASL for SA-II in IX and X/ Final Examination in Class XI (2014-15)
42DecemberScreening Test for Teachers Teaching English outside India in Schools Affiliated to CBSE  |   Hindi
43DecemberRoad Safety India – National Film Making Contest 2014 |  Hindi
44DecemberChange in dates of the 22nd National Annual Sahodaya Conference at Raipur (Chattisgarh)  |   Hindi
45DecemberCBSE students Excel in the International Olympiads-2014 in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
46DecemberPostponement of 22nd National Annual Sahodaya Conference at Raipur (Chattisgarh)

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