English A Pact With the Sun: NCERT Books Class 6 – PDF Download

Download English Class 6 NCERT Books in PDF. CBSE has prescribed English – A Pact With the SunNCERT book for Class 6. All schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education follow the same Class 6 English NCERT book – A Pact With the Sun. Getting high score in VI English Exams is possible when student reads, understand and learn all concepts from NCERT book for Class 6 English.

NCERT Books For Class 6 English – A Pact With the Sun – PDF Download

    1. Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds
    2. Ch 2 The Friendly Mongoose
    3. Chapter 3 The Shepherd’s Treasure
    4. Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop
    5. Ch 5 Tansen
    6. Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile
    7. Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep
    8. Ch 8 A Pact with the Sun
    9. Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles
    10. Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling march


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